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    Üyelik Tarihi: 27-07-2022
    Doğum Tarihi: 18-03-1990 - [Şu anda 33 yaşında]
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    Bio: When you want to move a lot of items or big stuff, you need a special vehicle that can bring so many items in a dump. The best vehicle that can load a lot of items at the same time is a truck. What is actually a truck? A truck is a kind of heavy vehicle that is used to load big items and it has a very strong engine. Anyway, let us find out all about a range of trucks for your information.

    What is a truck used for?

    In general, trucks are used to load heavy items or a large number of items from one place to another place. This truck is usually used in industry to transfer a large number of products. This truck also comes with some wheel options. The number of wheels resembles the size of the truck and how much it can load stuff. The bigger the size of the truck, the more it can load goods. Somehow, there are so many types of trucks that are used according to its function.

    What are the types of trucks?

    Somehow, every type of truck has its own function and use. There are so many types of trucks that you should know based on its function such as:

    Boat Haulage Truck

    This truck is very powerful and big enough. It has a function to move a boat from the factory to the release location. This truck also has a very long body and only runs slowly when it loads a boat. Moreover, this truck is not used for distant travel or only used around the factory area.

    Car Transporter

    Car transporter is a type of truck that is used to load some cars at the back. A car transporter truck comes with various sizes depending on the number of the car that it can load. It usually has two levels of back loaders. Each level can load three up to four cars.

    Cement Truck

    The cement truck is a kind of truck which is used to mix cement for the industry. Basically, it has a medium-sized body with a tube on the back. The tube will spin to mix the cement in large quantities.

    Container Truck

    A container is a kind of big truck that has a big container at the back. The container has a square form to load items and make them safe during the transfer. Container truck also comes with various sizes from the smallest one to the largest one.

    Logging Truck

    A logging truck is a type of truck which is commonly used to load logs or woods. This truck has a very spacious dump to load so many woods. It also has a very big body with at least 10 wheels.

    As for characteristics and models of truck, it can also be devided into many kinds like light-duty truck, heavy-duty truck, special purpose truck, truck trailer, pickup truck, light-duty cargo truck, box truck, dump truck, heavy-duty lorry truck, truck tractor, etc.